Fifth Victim found. 5-Shot, 3-Dead in Tulsa.

Apr 6, 2012

Five  people are shot in four separate shootings overnight. Tulsa Police are checking to see if they are all connected.  Three of the victims have died.

Police say a woman was discovered about one this morning in the middle of 52nd Street North near Peoria.  A couple of blocks away officers found two men shot.

Then about a half hour later, another man was found shot, about a mile away, west of Turley.

Just after eight this morning another victim was found near 36th Street North and Hartford. He was dead at the scene.

 A white pickup with a dragging tail pipe was seen near the first two shootings. It appears the vehicle pulled up to the people and started shooting.

The woman and one man in the shooting near Turley have died of their injuries.