"Marco Sassone: Architecture and Nature" at Price Tower

Oct 8, 2012

On this edition of our show, we speak with Marco Sassone, the award-winning Italian artist (b. 1942), who recently opened an exhibit at the Price Tower Arts Center in Bartlesville. "Marco Sassone: Architecture and Nature" will be on view at that museum through December 2nd. Born in a Tuscan village, raised and schooled in Florence, and later a resident of California for many years, the painter now resides in Toronto. Sassone's vivid, sizable, and invariably energetic works --- many of them 5 x 7 feet or larger --- tend to feature layer after layer of thick, heavily applied pigment; they depict a variety of images that alluringly (and maybe even paradoxically) blend modernist perspectives and vantage points with realistic scenes and subjects. (You can learn more about Sassone's show at Price Tower here.) We are also joined on today's ST by Scott Perkins, the Curator of Collections and Exhibitions at Price Tower.