Marshall Brewing Company Honored by Oklahoma Department of Labor

Jun 13, 2018

State Rep. Monroe Nichols (left), Marshall Brewing Company owner Erich Marshall, Labor Commissioner Melissa Houston and state Sen. Kevin Matthews pose for a photo in the brewery Wednesday. Marshall was given a labor department award for entrepreneurial excellence.
Credit Matt Trotter / KWGS

The Oklahoma Department of Labor recognized Tulsa’s pioneering craft brewery Wednesday not for its beer, but for its way of doing business. 

Marshall Brewing Company received the Mark Costello Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, created by and renamed after the late Commissioner Costello. The award recognizes Oklahomans for expanding job opportunities in the state.

"Their product is now being distributed in multiple states, they are hiring many people, giving back to the community, and the regulations and the change in craft brewery laws are now replicating that success across the state of Oklahoma," said Labor Commissioner Melissa Houston.

State Sen. Kevin Matthews nominated the brewery for the honor.

"Although I don’t drink alcohol, I think it’s a great industry for the growth of downtown Tulsa and the growth of Tulsa and the growth of business in the Tulsa area," Matthews said.

Owner Eric Marshall said he’s been happy to bring manufacturing jobs to and raise craft beer’s profile in Tulsa.

"And also been able to enact some positive change in the modernization of the laws. So, we’re excited," Marshall said. "The industry, I’d definitely say is much more small-business friendly now than when we started 10 years ago."

Matthews and Houston also credit the brewery for helping push liquor law modernization in the state.

Marshall Brewing is celebrating 10 years in business this year.