Tulsa Police Release Body Cam Footage of July 3 QuikTrip Shooting

Jul 12, 2018

Tulsa Police prepare to fire pepper balls into a minivan July 3 in an attempt to get 34-year-old John Chatman out of it.
Credit Tulsa Police video

The July 3 police shooting at the 49th Street and Harvard Avenue QuikTrip was captured on both Tulsa Police officers’ body cameras.

Warning: Some viewers may find the video disturbing.

Officers first spoke to 34-year-old John Chatman and a female companion at 1:13 p.m. while they were in a gold Dodge minivan at the Trade Wind hotel. After about a minute, Chatman asked if he was free to go and left.

Officers ran the license plate on the minivan and found it didn't match the minivan. They found the couple at the QuikTrip gas pumps about two minutes later. Over 15 minutes, officers can’t coax Chatman out of the minivan, even after declaring him under arrest and telling him they are about to use pepper balls after a supervisor arrives.

"He’s getting ready to hit you with pepper balls, a lot of them. You step out here, you go in handcuffs, you can give her a kiss. We can do this the hard way, or we can do it that way," an officer identified right now as D. Bean told Chatman.

"Just shoot me," Chatman said and repeated as officers told him several times to get out of the minivan.

The supervisor, identified for now as Sgt. M. Parsons, then started firing pepper balls into the van. Chatman pulled out a gun and started shooting, hitting Parsons in the leg.

It's not clear how many officers returned fire or which one shot Chatman in the chest.

Parsons regrouped and led the arrest team two minutes later.

"OK, I see his hand," Bean said.

"I know. Stand by. Relax. OK. I’m going to put my gun up, and I’m going to lead this B**** as best I can," Parsons said.

After Chatman was handcuffed, officers pulled him away from the minivan and administered first aid.

Chatman remains in the hospital. He’s charged with three counts of shooting with intent to kill, felony possession of a firearm, obstructing an officer, driving with a suspended license and having an improper tag.

The officers involved are on leave. They have been identified only by their first initials and last names in probable cause affidavits. TPD is waiting to release their full names.