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Multi-Million Dollar Program Announced to Fight Obesity in Oklahoma

Oklahoma State University has a $3.9 million plan to address obesity issues in two rural counties in eastern Oklahoma. The university's Curbing Obesity program will use a five-year federal grant to offer cooking classes and distribute healthy food options in Muskogee and Adair counties. More than 40 percent of residents in those counties qualify as obese. The university's Center for Health Systems Innovation will run the program in partnership with other local organizations. The Community...

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State of Oklahoma

Law Proposed to Make School Vaping Illegal

Owasso State Senator J.J. Dossett is proposing we add vaping to Oklahoma’s Tobacco Free School Zone laws. Many schools already prohibit the practice. Dossett thinks it should be added to the law to make the regulation uniform across the state. Vaping has become a big issue at many high schools in Oklahoma. Dossett said under Senate Bill 33, the Tobacco-Free Schools Act, which bans tobacco products in all forms, the ban would be extended to vapor products, including the noncombustible device...

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Trump To Meet With 'Chuck And Nancy.' Expectations Are Low

Updated 9:17 a.m. ET President Trump and the two top congressional Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, meet at the White House on Tuesday, with less than two weeks until a temporary government funding measure runs out. Even with the risk of a partial government shutdown bumping up against Christmas, White House attention has largely been elsewhere, and Democratic leaders are making it clear they don't intend to give the president a victory on funding for his signature border wall. ...

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Ninth Street Women


Our guest on ST is the locally based photographer and writer, Rhys Martin, who joins us to discuss his new book: "Lost Restaurants of Tulsa." The book is just out, and it reveals the histories of dozens of restaurants from T-Town's past -- family sagas, culinary wonders, beloved diners, edge-of-town favorites, popular hang-outs, and more. It's a book that's sure to appeal to those who can lip-smackingly recall the likes of Pennington's, Shotgun Sam's, Villa Venice, The Golden Drumstick, The Razor Clam, St. Michael's Alley, The Louisiane, et al.

On this edition of StudioTulsa, we're discussing a special presentation of George Frideric Handel's Messiah. The beloved Baroque-era masterwork -- a timeless holiday favorite -- will be presented this coming Saturday and Sunday, the 8th and 9th, at Saint John's Church in Tulsa (at 4200 South Atlanta Place). Our guests are the special visiting conductor for this concert, Timothy Brown, and the organist and choirmaster at Saint John's, Joseph Arndt.

Photo by The Daily Beast

Our guest on ST is the celebrated British writer Hilary Mantel, who is the newest recipient of the Peggy V. Helmerich Distinguished Author Award, which is given annually by the Tulsa Library Trust. Mantel is the author of several books, including the historical novels "Wolf Hall" and "Bring Up the Bodies," which both recount the life of Thomas Cromwell, the "political fixer" best known for his tenure in the court of Henry VIII. Mantel speaks with us about these and other of her very popular works.

Our guest is Anna Leahy, director of the Creative Writing Program at Chapman University. She joins us to discuss her new book, "Tumor." A brief yet thoughtful volume that is part memoir, part study, and part history, the book was thus praised by Prof. Kristen Iversen at the University of Cincinnati: "In clear, compelling language, Leahy writes with insight and empathy about cancer and the social and cultural dimensions of one of our greatest fears.

Photo by KWGS News

Our guest is State Senator Kevin Matthews, who recently held a press conference to announce that the name of the 1921 Race Riot Commission has been officially changed to the 1921 Race Massacre Commission. As Matthews, who chairs this Commission, noted at the conference: "The fact that it was called a riot was one of the reasons given for turning down insurance claims, and it has been offensive to many in the affected area for 97 years.

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai is no longer an empty chair: In his public debut in Congress, the tech executive is planning to strike a patriotic note in response to several recent controversies involving the company.

Maxine Funke writes songs for the quiet corners of your dreams and fears, where her whispers float upward like warm air. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar and an odd noise here or there, she evokes tenderhearted singer-songwriters like Sibylle Baier and Vashti Bunyan, but also the subtle and strange songs of fellow New Zealander Alastair Galbraith, with whom she performed in the short-lived $100 Band.

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The Google+ social network inadvertently gave app developers access to information on some 52.5 million users — even data that users designated as private — because of a "bug" in its software, Google says. The company had already announced it was pulling the plug on the network because of an earlier incident, and now says the shutdown will happen four months sooner.

Lawmakers unveiled the much-anticipated farm bill compromise Monday night, ending the months-long impasse over whether a critical piece of legislation that provides subsidies to farmers and helps needy Americans buy groceries could pass before the lame-duck session concludes at the end of the year.

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For December, 3 Romantic Holiday Escapes

4 hours ago

'Tis the season when an escape from holiday madness may be necessary --and these three romance novels will whisk you away to fictional worlds where all the high stakes drama is resolved with true love and happily ever after.

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