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First, try clicking on the dark grey bar near the top of this page. The triangular "play" button on the left will automatically select the most appropriate mono or stereo stream. The grey bar's down arrow on the right reveals all four of our streaming channels: KWGS (NPR News & Information), KWTU (Classical Music), Jazz, and the BBC World Service. If that grey bar doesn't work, try clicking on these direct links:

What's the difference?

  • The mono channel broadcasts a MP3 stream with a bit less quality, but with more reliability in areas with marginal data service. This stream is more compatible with older computers, tablets, and phones.
  • The stereo channel is a better-sounding stereo AAC stream, ideal for listening to music. Select this for newer devices which can play this improved stream format.

Both the mono and stereo versions of our streams now broadcast with the same bitrate, so there's no difference in economy when using wi-fi or cellular connections. The primary difference is compatibility with older and newer computers, phones, and tablets.

You can also listen to us on InternetRadio by visiting: 


Five different news, information, and music channels broadcast over-the-air from Public Radio Tulsa 24 hours a day 

In addition to news & information and classical music, you can enjoy continuous straight-ahead jazz, world radio from the BBC, and great American Songbook vocals. Unlike satellite radio, there are no monthly fees! Don't miss hearing all of the music, news, and information that Public Radio Tulsa has to offer.

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