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Ozone Alert Day for Tulsa

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Officials in the Tulsa area have issued the season’s first Ozone Alert! Day for today. Businesses and individuals in Tulsa and the surrounding communities are encouraged to reduce activities that form outdoor air emissions on Ozone Alert! Days.  Because of health concerns to children, seniors and people with respiratory illness and heart disease, such individuals should limit prolonged outdoor exertion. 

Ground-level ozone is the primary component of smog, and a summertime health and environmental concern in the Tulsa area.  Ozone Alerts! Days are forecast when weather and pollution conditions can create unhealthy breathing conditions as determined by the U.S. EPA’s national ozone standard.  The Tulsa area had 1 Ozone Alert! Day last summer and 1 in 2014.  However since last summer, the U.S. EPA has tightened the ozone standard from 75 ppb to 70 ppb. Throughout the summer ozone season, Tulsa’s 2016 ScoreCard reports ozone readings from the 5 area monitors in relation to the EPA standard. The Tulsa area is currently in compliance with the standard.

Ozone Alert! Day voluntary actions include driving less and avoiding long idling periods.  Refueling vehicles in the evening hours - or not at all on Ozone Alert! Days makes a difference. When possible, postpone using gas-powered lawn equipment until a non-Alert! Day or later in the evening if it must be done.  Try sharing a ride or riding the bus.