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On-Air Public Service Announcements (and Events Page Announcements on Our Website)

Send Us Your Public Service Announcements

We at PRT (or Public Radio Tulsa) welcome public service announcements appropriate for airing on the news and information format of Public Radio 89.5 (KWGS) and/or the fine arts format of Classical 88.7 (KWTU). The fastest way to submit announcements to us is via e-mail to prtanswers@gmail.com --- and please always put "PSA" in the subject line of your e-mail. We reserve the right to edit, revise, or reject all submissions.

Details on the sort of public service announcements (or PSAs) that we tend to air are given immediately below, as are guidelines on how to write and submit a PSA for our consideration.

You'll also find information, further below, on how to submit your event for possible inclusion on the Events / Community Calendar Page of our station's website. (Please note: Submitting a PSA for our consideration is NOT the same thing as submitting an event for possible inclusion on our online Events / Community Calendar Page. These are two separate actions.)

Your Guide to a Free, On-Air PSA

  • PSAs must be submitted by non-profit organizations.
  • PSAs will be run as early as two or three weeks before the event. Information sent in the days just prior to a given event has less of a chance of making it on-air due to the constant influx of announcement requests sent to PRT.
  • Normally, PRT will not announce monthly meetings, events for profit-making businesses, or events that may only affect a very small portion of the community (such as casting calls, for example). PSAs are broadcast at the discretion of the the station's management and/or its PSA director.

All PSAs Should Have Information on the Following:

  • Time of event[s] - If the event is for more then one day, the times for each day; if needed, an itinerary for the activities happening during the event[s].
  • Day/days the event will take place.
  • Place and address of event[s].
  • Name of the event --- and a name of the non-profit organization sponsoring or setting up the event.
  • Is there a deadline for tickets or reservations?
  • A brief description of the event --- please be as brief and clear as you can.
  • A contact phone-number or website that people can consult for more information.
  • Phonetic pronunciation of names, if needed --- please keep this mind, if your wording might be seen by some as difficult or awkward to read aloud.
  • PRT normally does not specify the cost of a given event, but we will inform the public if the event is free of charge.

PSAs should be submitted in finished, written form, and NOT as a list of bullet points. This means roughly 30 seconds of written copy (70-85 words) --- as in, a passage of type-written text that would take 30 seconds to read aloud.

Website Event Submissions

The Events / Community Calendar Page of our site features informational listings for arts & entertainment, educational, cultural, and community-service events in the Greater Tulsa area and its surrounding communities. Listings are collected from site visitors, arts organizations, various venues, this radio station, its listeners, and other outlets. These listings appear, after they have been approved, on the Events / Community Calendar Page of our station's website, which is at publicradiotulsa.org. Note that Public Radio Tulsa reserves the right to edit or refuse any website event submissions. To submit an event for our online Events / Community Calendar Page, please go here.

Guidelines (for both On-Air PSAs and Online Event Listings)

  • PSAs and Events / Community Calendar Page listings must be presented by or for the benefit of a nonprofit organization.
  • As part of our commitment to impartial programming, PRT does not promote openly partisan political events or issues. Please keep this in mind when submitting events. An event’s partisanship or lack thereof will be determined by PRT management and/or its PSA Director.
  • PRT does not air PSAs (nor post online listings) for regularly scheduled and/or holiday religious services. However, we do promote concerts, recitals, classes, lectures, and other non-worship events presented by churches or religious organizations.
  • PRT does not air PSAs (nor post online listings) that are direct appeals for funds, even by nonprofit organizations. We do air PSAs for fundraising events that benefit nonprofit organizations --- and that offer a unique or tangible benefit or experience to our audience.
  • PSAs and online listings are provided free of charge by PRT, and we do not accept payment in exchange for airing them. Paid underwriting on PRT may be purchased by contacting The Blackmon Group at (800) 496-8060. (Or for more information about becoming a Public Radio Tulsa underwriter, please go here.)

PRT does not announce cancelations of events, including those for which we've previously aired PSAs. This can also include cancelations due to severe weather. Note that we do not take responsibility for inaccurate information sent to PRT. Please contact the PSA Director if you notice inaccurate information in our event listings. You can do so by e-mailing prtanswers@gmail.com. (Again, please be sure to put "PSA" in the subject line of your e-mail.)

And Finally, When Entering Events /  Community Calendar Items on Our Web Site:

  • Make sure you select the proper category for the event.
  • Enter the event at least two (2) weeks prior to event date.
  • Include your contact information, so we can contact you if we have questions.
  • Fill out all information required as completely as possible. Listings with missing information are less likely to get posted.
  • And thanks for your attention!