Barry Friedman

StudioTulsa Commentator

A comedian, born in New York, Barry started performing comedy in Oklahoma, concluding that while Manhattan was the place to be discovered, Tulsa had more parking.


Yet, for the past twenty years, Barry has never had to get up and go into the office for a Monday morning meeting, either.

Barry has performed in Las Vegas, Reno, as well as NYC, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Houston, San Antonio, on cruise ships, The Bahamas, and once in a bar in Bartlesville, Oklahoma that advertised 'Comedian and Beer.' Further, Barry has appeared in national commercials, like the one for Mazzio's, where he is lying upside down, barking at a pizza, and movies, like UHF with “Weird Al" Yankovic, which still provides him with $3.76 residual checks every time it plays at some Lithuanian drive-in.

In May of 2002, Barry's first book, Road Comic, was released. An autobiographical look at his life on the comedy circuit, it was a raw, funny, pathetic, relentless account of comedy, comedians, sex, passion, suicidal Germans, pierced cocktail waitresses, disappointment, and receding hairlines. In his second book, Funny You Should Mention It, a collection of essays, Barry continued to explore the cultural zeitgeist of life, love, and humor, but also mused about gun shows, Baptists, old Jews, and Winnie Cooper.

Barry has appeared in Esquire; writes a monthly column for Tulsa Voice magazine; contributes to TV Watch for Media Post; and is a contributing writer for Explorer, an oil and gas journal, which is odd for Barry knows nothing about the oil and exploration business and has been known to hurt himself pumping his own gas.

Barry's commentaries are feature of Public Radio Tulsa's daily arts and culture program StudioTulsa.

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Ways to Connect

Me and My Prostate

Aug 23, 2018

"I want to show you something", said the surgeon...never a welcome start to a medical conversation.

I emailed him: "You were the greatest sports writer that I ever read." He wrote back "What do you mean was? I'm old. I'm not dead."

Last Summer Walk

Jul 25, 2013

My Summer walks begin on Florence Avenue, as they always do, heading north to 11th street.

The End of Buffets

Jul 11, 2013

I got him an orange juice and a chocolate bar because that's what Michael Corleone asked for in Godfather III.

Cat Man Did

Jun 25, 2013

Having wild animals in the house was her idea, not mine. What is this horror that you call nature?

What's with the tolls in Oklahoma?   

Vegas, baby!   

Saying goodbye...

Diary of an Old Man

Apr 22, 2013

A year ago, I was playing tennis every day and bowling.

The Rabbi and Me

Feb 11, 2013

They know...they know. How do you get to that point in your life?

The Big Pizza

Feb 1, 2013

It's a manhole cover, with toppings.

  "I have steak at home; why go out for hamburger?"

(Jager) Bombs Away

Jan 4, 2013

Couples on vacation get along exactly - and only - 35% of the time.

In Stillwater, many grown men wear orange. Women, too.

It's a Jewish exchange program, of sorts...

You didn't have to see the Statue of Liberty at daybreak to be a part.

The Laptop

Jul 20, 2012

My mother-in-law gently rubbed the keys and said "I'm sorry, sweetheart..."

Cable and Cuddling

Jun 15, 2012

The first thing I noticed was the noise.

Where are the Dead?

May 30, 2012

A trip to the cemetery brings memories flooding back.

Battle of the Bed

May 9, 2012

(without the accompanying divorce...)

She's in Paris, the night before coming home. What could be a better time?

Whatever happened to the common good? Barry Friedman wants to know.

Sleepless in Tulsa

Mar 26, 2012

Tulsa is a small town in the dark. Tulsa has one eye open.

Stairway to Hell

Mar 21, 2012

Steps with clumps of stain and a house that smells like a tannery.

I regretted every vegetable that I pushed aside. And discovered the secret of seeing a doctor in the ER.