Elena See

Classical 88.7-1 host

Elena See started her radio career in Minnesota in 2001, working as part of the production team for Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion. She edited and contributed to the comedic scripts on the show, worked on the website and, for a short while, filled the role of Technical Director for The Writer's Almanac. After several fantastic years with APHC, she decided it was time to put her clarinet-ing and teaching skills to work and so began performing in local orchestras and teaching college composition in central Maine. She nudged her way into the music department at Maine Public Broadcasting and eventually became the classical music director. She also began working on the television stations of Maine Public Broadcasting as a local fundraising host.

It was during her time in Maine that Elena started working as a music host with FolkAlley.com, an internet radio station based at WKSU in Kent, Ohio. After several years of braving the cold and snow of Maine, Elena decided it was time to head south to Washington, DC. There, she explored the world of satellite radio, working as the music director for Sirius XM Satellite Radio's classical music stations where she began producing a Live from the Concertgebouw concert series and was also heard on the satellite radio folk music station.

Eventually, Elena decided it was time to return to where it all began. When she's not on the public radio airwaves, Elena usually spends her time with her family (which includes several enormous dogs), searching out new music venues with friends, reading great (and not-so-great) books, and pretending she can play the guitar.

Ways to Connect

Peace. It's a powerful word and a powerful idea. When you find it — if you're lucky enough to find it — you, understandably, never want to let it go.

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Anna & Elizabeth

With a bit of grit threading through her unforgettable voice, Aoife O'Donovan and her new song "Magic Hour" have begun a compelling conversation about choices and consequences.

On one hand, there's nothing surprising about Watkins Family Hour. When seven incredibly talented musicians get together to make music in a world-class studio with a top-notch producer, it's no shock that the thing sounds good. What is surprising is how well the album's diverse cast works together — there's an innate sense of understanding among the players, of the variety that only comes after years spent working together.

Is Amy Helm's new song, "Rescue Me," about what it means to be in love? Maybe. Is it a song that acknowledges that we need to hang on to the people who are most important to us? Most assuredly. It's also a song that lets Helm's glorious, soulful voice soar over a gentle piano and thrumming electric bass.