Frank Christel

Director of Broadcast Services, Retired

Frank Christel has been a part of Public Radio Tulsa for more than 34 years, first as Chief Engineer, then General Manager, and The University of Tulsa's Director of Broadcast Services. In 2004, he was instrumental in signing Classical 88.7 KWTU on-the-air. Before that, he worked at KBJH, KCFO, KAKC, and KBEZ in Tulsa and also served in the Navy during the Vietnam era. 

He was introduced to the magic of radio by his 9th grade math teacher who in class would play tape recordings of Stan Freberg's radio shows. His love of electronics grew by building hi-fi and shortwave radio electronic kits.

He's quite proud of his two daughters, their husbands, four grandchildren, and is blessed by his lovely bride of more than 45 years.

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Kindness. Empathy. Compassion. When religious passion is channeled by a true believer, it can be a powerful contributor to the common good. There's a fine line between passion and extremism. That's where religion becomes angry, triumphant. God loves me more than God lives you. The trouble is that we can't always see these things clearly. We rely on the media, but it loves a fight. How can we tell what's true or false?

Medical Matters
Can Geriatrics Embrace High Tech?
Thursday, March 6 • noon & Friday, March 7 • 8 pm



Extremism: Religious Passion and The Problem of Perception 

Trialogue 2014: The Challenge of Civil Discourse 
Sponsored by the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice 

This is the third of three public discussions regarding the topic of religious extremism. Learn More

Session Three: The Media
Sunday, February 16, 2014 • Temple B'Nai Emunah, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Extremism: Religious Passion and The Problem of Perception 

Trialogue 2014: The Challenge of Civil Discourse 
Sponsored by the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice 

This is the second of three public discussions regarding the topic of religious extremism. Learn More

Session Two: The Bad
Sunday, February 9, 2014 • Boston Avenue United Methodist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma

One of the most sound-rich programs aired on Public Radio 89.5-1 combines the talents of two hosts, guests, and natural sound using inventive ways not duplicated in the audio realm. Here's the co-host spilling the secrets of how it's done. (Listen to RadioLab on Tuesdays at noon.)

Oklahoma Watch
Watch-Out Forum on Mental Health

Thursday, February 6 • noon & Friday, February 7 • 8 pm


Extremism: Religious Passion and The Problem of Perception 

Trialogue 2014: The Challenge of Civil Discourse 
Sponsored by the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice 

This is the first of three public discussions regarding the topic of religious extremism. Learn More

Session One: The Good
Sunday, February 2, 2014 • Peace Academy, Tulsa, Oklahoma

This week's Travel with Rick Steves  goes "behind the scenes" of George Clooney's "The Monuments Men" (national premier February 7), and "Doc Martin", one of the most popular dramas shows on public television  (season 6 premiers the week of February 1).


Here’s an impressionistic sound portrait of wandering through the workshops, exhibit halls, and performances of the 2014 Oklahoma Music Educators Association Conference. This recording was made by Classical 88.7 KWTU on January 16 and 17 at the downtown Tulsa Assembly Center. Heard (in order) are highlights of:


The 2014 Oklahoma Music Educators Association Conference opened Thursday morning in downtown Tulsa. Music teachers and students from across the state gathered at the Tulsa Assembly Center for workshops and band, choral, and orchestral performances. Hear highlights of the three-day conference at public performances of the all-state ensembles on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. Come out for these really fine performances of ensembles from across Oklahoma.


Horia Varlan / Flickr

Classical 88.7-1 has integrated two new features within its daily Masterworks programming: Top Score and New Classical Tracks.

Top Score is a five-minute exploration of video game soundtracks with Emily Reese. Meet the composers who create the music that accompanies popular video games, many of which have been inspired by classical music. Hear this special program on Sunday mornings at 11:01 am.

Bill Larkin / Flicker

Toast of the Nation 2014

Tuesday, Dec 31 • 10 pm - 3 am LIVE
Public Radio 89.5-2

Count down, sing along, and dance to live music all night long. Travel from coast to coast with four celebrations of midnight from time zone to time zone. It's the perfect holiday special for any New Year's party.

Freakonomics Marathon
Wednesday, Jan 1 • 10 am - 3 pm
Public Radio 89.5-1

The new year begins with a Freakonomics Freakathon on Wednesday, January 1, from 10 am - 3 pm, on Public Radio 89.5-1.

Since 2004, when Classical 88.7 signed on-the-air as the first HD radio station in Oklahoma, we've tested a number of HD Radios. So far, the most sensitive model that we've found is at Best Buy (Insignia NS-HDRAD) and is currently on sale for $39.99 with free shipping. It would certainly make a great holiday gift.

What's your general term for a sweetened carbonated beverage? What word or words do you use to address a group of two or more people? What do you call it when the rain falls while the sun is shining? The Atlantic created this fascinating video detailing how Americans talk from all around the country.

You're invited to a public meeting of the governing board of Public Radio Tulsa (KWGS/KWTU) on Tuesday, December 17 at 2:00 pm.

It will be held at the Jill Zink Tarbell Heritage room (#1175) in Collins Hall (2905 E. 8th Street) on the University of Tulsa campus.

The public is welcome to attend and offer public comments.

Inspired by the book The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy, by economist Pietra Rivoli, the NPR Planet Money T-shirt reports take you on a journey that documents every step of T-shirt manufacturing. Meet the people who grow the cotton, spin the yarn and cut and sew the fabric. Ride on the cargo ships that bring the T-shirt from factories in Bangladesh and Colombia to ports in the U.S. Learn about the tangle of international regulations that govern the T-shirt trade the whole way.

Junglecat / WikiMedia Commons

There was a time when many of us in radio would spend evenings turning knobs on shortwave receivers filled with glowing tubes, staining over the static to hear exotic music and news broadcast in foreign languages.

Music For Singing

Dec 9, 2013
NiVia / WikiMedia Commons

For the lover of choral music, Minnesota Public Radio offers a 24/7 online stream of choral music, a public-broadcasting first.

Professional, college, and church choirs can be heard singing selections "from Palestrina to Pärt, spirituals to Schubert." The featured ensembles include VocalEssence, Cantus, St. Olaf Choir, Choral Arts Ensemble and the National Lutheran Choir, drawn from Minnesota's choral talent.

Listen Online 24/7

Chez Julius Livre / Flickr

Pipedreams, hosted by Michael Barone, spotlights extraordinary instruments and performers in stirring works that display the variety and wonder of the pipe organ. The program has been a classical music staple on public radio for more than 30 years. Each two-hour program features a theme such as a particular performer, organ maker, composer, or period in time.

Now you can listen to PipeDreams anywhere and at anytime: current programs and archives are available online and are as near as any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

Melissa Kuypers / NPR

  • Thanks! You are part of our celebration of Lent. You guys do a great job. - Claremore
  • Love RadioLab, Science Friday, Diane R, bunch of other stuff to numerous to mention!!! - Tulsa
  • Now that I am retired, I have even more time to enjoy your programming... and enjoy it, I certainly do! - Tulsa
  • Love all your shows.  Especially Swing on This!  And Car Talk!  And all the Sunday night music. And Science Friday....... And the local news coverage!

Some Holiday Programming highlights for your Christmas Season! We have two special channels featuring musical favorites: Jazz and Vocal. Listen to these commercial- and subscription-free channels on HD radios, available at Best Buy. Many new cars come equipped with HD Radio and these channels could be listed as "multicast" on the tuning screen.

Great American Songbook Christmas Favorites
All-day & all-night through December 25
American Songbook 88.7-3  (Heard only on an HD Radio)

KWGS News File Photo

Celebrate the holidays with Public Radio Tulsa as we gift-wrap special programming for you from across the country and around the world.

Christmas Music

Tuesday, Dec 25 • All Day
Classical 88.7-1

Join Classical 88.7's musical hosts as they present special music for the holiday, all day long.

New Year’s Day from Vienna 2013 
Wednesday, Jan 1 • 10 am-noon LIVE
Classical 88.7-1

Celebrate the holidays with Public Radio Tulsa as we gift-wrap special programming for you from across the country and around the world.

Tinsel Tales 2: NPR Christmas Favorites
Wednesday, Dec 25 • 11 am - noon
Public Radio 89.5-1     

Kimberly Powell, host and producer of Performance Oklahoma, has been selected by the Oklahoma Arts Council as a recipient of the 2013 Governor’s Arts Awards, Media in the Arts category, for her contributions to the Oklahoma arts community.

Kimberly will receive the award along with sixteen individual recipients and two organizations being honored at the 38th Annual Governor’s Arts Awards ceremony Nov. 13 at the state Capitol.

Join Alec Baldwin as he talks with three legends of American theater: Patti LuPone, Jon Robin Baitz and Stacy Keach.

Documentary of The Week is heard on Fridays at 8:00 pm and Thursdays at 12 noon on Public Radio 89.5-1







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