Mark Darrah

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Mark Darrah is a writer and practicing attorney based in Tulsa. Originally from Tahlequah – "the Athens of Northeastern Oklahoma" – he writes on a desk that was used by his great-grandfather to practice law in early statehood days. A picture of Woody Guthrie hangs on the wall right behind it, and a rock with sparkles from the Winding Stairs Mountains serves as a paperweight. Mark lives with his wife, Jackie, and their two dogs, Sammi and Chipper. He was identified as one of Tulsa's top attorneys in the May 2011 issue of TulsaPeople magazine.

Ways to Connect

Why are Oklahoma's 'best and brightest' always living somewhere else?

I want mine simply to read: Friend Of The Cleaning People.

Notes On Opera

May 6, 2013

If a contestant sang an aria, she got points taken away.

Notes on Wayne

Jan 10, 2013

He always had the time another person wanted or needed.

Glome the Unfortunate

Jul 12, 2012

Norse adventurers in Oklahoma, long before Columbus discovered America?

Don't Call Me an Okie

May 21, 2012

Not long into the evening, I met a kindly-appearing well groomed couple.

Spring in Oklahoma

Apr 6, 2012

An electric carnival made miracles in the black sky.

Mammoth Cave

Mar 9, 2012

We had waited outside that iron door, in the hot Kentucky sun, for 45 minutes.