Podcasts from Public Radio Tulsa

StudioTulsa • listen

StudioTulsa features down-to-earth interviews that make sense of complex issues and offer new perspectives on topics we might take for granted. It's an award-winning program covering the arts, sciences, news events, books, politics, culture, economics, history, social trends, the media, the humanities, and so forth. The program is hosted by Rich Fisher and produced/edited by Scott Gregory.

Medical Matters • listen

"Health Care comprises nearly one-fifth our nation's economy. As such, we need content that intelligently addresses important topics in health. Medical Matters demystifies the complexities of health and health care in 21st century America, featuring a doctor who has never forgotten his roots as a regular person."

Medical Matters host John Henning Schumann, M.D., is an internal medicine physician and writer (http://glasshospital.com). He has contributed to SlateThe Atlantic,  Marketplace, and National Public Radio’s health blog, Shots.

Answers in Energy • listen

Energy is what makes our world go around.  These programs are hosted by Jason Bjorn Aamodt and Rick Munoz and are part of the University of Tulsa College of Law’s Master of Jurisprudence in Energy Law program.

Museum Confidential • listen

Think of a museum. Any museum. Which art works get to be displayed, and which don't, and why? Where do they keep all the unshown (or unshowable) pieces? And why do they keep them at all? And just how does one pack/ship/transport a priceless painting or sculpture? Museum Confidential is a new and unprecedented exhibition at Philbrook Museum of Art that explores such questions. It's a collaboration (to be posted twice monthly) between Jeff Martin of Philbrook and Scott Gregory of Public Radio Tulsa -- and it'll cover the same fertile ground as the exhibit itself...as in, what really goes on "behind the scenes" at a museum? (Note that this podcast will be accessible at both the Philbrook and publicradiotulsa.org)

Classical Tulsa  • listen

The Classical Tulsa Podcast spotlights upcoming local concert performances through extended interviews with the music-makers themselves. 

Science Matters • listen

“Any sufficiently advanced technology,” as Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Is indistinguishable from magic.” But the real magic in the world of science and technology comes from understanding it. Join University of Tulsa professors Jerry McCoy and John Henshaw on a magical mystery tour of scientific knowledge. They’ll entertain you and raise your science IQ all at the same time. Ready? Earbuds in; amazement on; listen.

Voices of Oklahoma ● listen

Featuring Bill Nole, Dr. Art Rasher, and Louis Coleman. A weekly production of The University of Tulsa College of Business Administration, best described as "Car Talk" meets "Wall Street Week."

Sound Portraits • listen

We're surrounded with the audible pulse of life everywhere throughout northeastern Oklahoma. Here are sounds which we've captured with our microphones at special events and throughout the community.