10 Days. 100 NEW Members.

May 25, 2017

10 days. 

In the span of ten days, just imagine all you’ll hear on Public Radio Tulsa. 

Rigorous, fact-based news.  Respectful discussion.  Rich storytelling.  The very best in classical, jazz, folk, and western swing music.  Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me (twice!).

You rely on the unparalleled news, conversation, and music on Public Radio Tulsa.  And we rely on YOU, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with us in support of public radio.

100,000 Listeners, but…

Over 100,000 people in northeastern Oklahoma listen to Public Radio Tulsa every week*.  And that number is growing, as more and more listeners make PRT their source for trusted news and uninterrupted music.  But only a tiny fraction of those listeners are Public Radio Tulsa contributors.

Let’s change that.

This June 1 through June 10, 2017, let’s start to turn that ship.  Let's take ownership for this resource that helps make Tulsa the great city it is.  During the first ten days of June, if you are not already a contributor to Public Radio Tulsa, join up.

10 days. 100 new members.

Our 10 Day/100 New Member Drive starts June 1.  Our goal is right there in the name: 100 listeners who have not contributed before, making their very first donations to Public Radio Tulsa, in any amount, at publicradiotulsa.org.  Whether you’re able to make a first-time donation of $25 or $250, if you value the interviews you hear from Kelly McEvers, Ari Shapiro, or Terry Gross, we want to hear from you!

Whether you want to make a $5 per month contribution or a $50 per month contribution, if the term “driveway moment” resonates with you, make that pledge! PLEDGE NOW

Something special, just for you.

As our thanks for making the jump into the public radio support pool, we have a special, limited-time gift for any brand-new contributor making a donation of $60, or $5 per month, or more by June 10 (or while supplies last):  The NPR Favorite Driveway Moments 2-CD set!  This is a collection of over two hours of some of NPR’s best work.

10 days.  100 NEW members.  Be one!

We’ll keep you up-to-date on our New Member Drive progress right here on publicradiotulsa.org, so check back regularly to see how we’re doing (after making your online pledge here, of course).  If you’re already a contributor, ask a fellow listener if they’re a member.  (Add that you’ve been thrilled to help and now they can pitch in, too, to help pay for All Things Considered since 1971! ) 

Thank you!

Above all, thank you.  Thank you for listening.  Thank you for supporting Public Radio Tulsa with your financial contributions, your company’s matching gifts, your vehicle donations.  And for you newbies, thank you and welcome to the community of Public Radio Tulsa donors!

*Radio Research Consortium, Winter 2017