The 2019 Hidden Sixties Valentine's Special!

Feb 7, 2019

Love is in the air, on the air, and pretty much everywhere else as KWGS co-hosts John Wooley and Scott Gregory return with The 2019 Hidden Sixties Valentine's Special! Come on along! It airs Friday night, the 8th, beginning at 8pm -- right here on Public Radio 89.5. Tune in for heart-breakers, hip-shakers, love tunes, wistful ballads, and what-not...all of it being music you haven't heard since the 1960s, if you've ever heard it at all! From Andre Previn to The Bonzo Dog Band, and from The Drifters to Sopwith Camel, it'll be just like having Cupid himself ensconced in your speakers, headphones, or earbuds. Such sweet ear candy! Crank it up!