"Achieving Your Personal Health Goals: A Patient's Guide"

Dec 6, 2017

On this installment of ST Medical Monday, we speak with Dr. James W. Mold, who recently retired from the faculty at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in OKC, where he'd worked since 1984. While there, Dr. Mold also completed a fellowship in Geriatric Medicine as well as a Master of Public Health degree. He has a new book out, which is both a summation and an extension of the research he's been involved with over the years regarding primary care, public health, and mental health; the book is titled "Achieving Your Personal Health Goals: A Patient's Guide." It's readable guidebook stemming from the notion of "goal-oriented health care," which Dr. Mold chats about with us today. While it's true that most everyone hopes to avoid a premature death or a disability -- and moreover, to lead a life of meaning, mobility, and activity -- how people actually and personally define these individual goals will, of course, differ. That's where this book comes in: i.e., coming to define and understand (and then plan for, and then finally achieve) one's own health-related goals.