ACTION Tulsa Present Accountability Sessions to Learn About Candidates

Oct 25, 2018

Today we learn about a new way to learn about the views of political candidates for office. ACTION Tulsa, a non-partisan community organizing group, presents accountability sessions -- which they say are very different than traditional candidate forums or debates. In accountability sessions, candidates first spend time listening to their constituents' personal stories associated with the political issue, before responding with their position, and whether they will or will not work for an outcome ACTION Tulsa is working towards, a position created through consensus decision-making within the group.

My guests are the board president of ACTION Tulsa Deanna Tirrell, and chair of the group's immigration team, Emma Thadani. The final accountability session takes place Sunday afternoon at 3pm at St Matthew's Methodist Church at 12424 E. 31st with the candidates for State House Districts 75 & 76.

Plus, commentator Mark Darrah shares his enthusiam for Oklahomans with audacious dreams.