Advancements in Addressing Domestic Violence --- and a New Facility, in Downtown Tulsa, for Doing So

Oct 10, 2013

On this edition of our show, we welcome Casey Gwinn, who served as the elected City Attorney of San Diego, California, from 1996 to 2004, and who is now the President of the National Family Justice Center Alliance. (He was once named by The American Lawyer magazine as one of the top 45 public lawyers in the U.S. --- and you can view his full bio here.) Mr. Gwinn was in Tulsa yesterday, Wednesday the 9th, to participate in the dedication of --- and the "home warming" party for --- Tulsa's new Family Safety Center. This center, which was formerly situated on South Harvard Avenue and is now located (in a facility twice its former size) at 600 Civic Center in downtown Tulsa, seeks to help victims of domestic violence from all walks of life, and from all parts of our community. The former facility had the space/staff/means to assist 20 victims; the new facility can accomodate 150 people. Mr. Gwinn, who spoke with us while he was in town, addresses how the Family Safety Center actively works to lessen (and to negate, hopefully, someday) domestic violence, and how this in turn lowers crime stats and incarceration rates across the board. He also speaks about dealing with domestic violence --- at the legal, societal, psychological, penal, civic, and cultural levels --- has evolved since the 1980s. Lastly, you can learn more about our city's important new Family Safety Center --- which Mr. Gwinn says is one of about 70 or 80 such facilities nationwide --- by calling the center directly at 918-742-7480.