AEP / PSO Offers Its Customers the Option to Purchase "100% Home-Grown Oklahoma Wind Power"

Tulsa, OK – On today's StudioTulsa, we hear from two media representatives from AEP / Public Service Company of Oklahoma: Stan Whiteford is a corporate spokesperson for PSO, and Dawn Carey is an energy-efficiency coordinator for the company. They tell us all about a newly announced PSO program --- it's called WindChoice --- that allows private customers as well as businesses to buy "100% home-grown Oklahoma wind power." Interested customers can purchase such power in blocks of 100 kilowatt-hours per month --- at an extra cost of $1.72 per block, which is added to one's regular PSO electric bill. (To learn more about this program, you can visit Also on our show, commentator Barry Friedman checks in with his daughter, a young woman who now lives in France, sports a lip-ring, drinks red wine from the bottle, and has a boyfriend who's able to prepare homemade hummus.