Airports Trust Gets 1st Look at $48.2M, 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan for Tulsa International

Nov 16, 2020

Credit Tulsa International Airport

The Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust heard at its meeting late last week details of a five-year, $48.2 million capital improvements plan.

Four of the 24 projects on the list are slated for the first year in fiscal year 2022, including road repairs at a cost of $2.4 million.

"Over the years, we have maintained the roadway with staff, and we’re talking the entrance road, the exit road and also the road in front of the terminal building. It has come to a point where our staff can’t maintain this anymore," said TAIT Planning and Engineering Director Frank Relja.

Also among the purchases first up is new snow removal equipment.

"Right now, we’re clearing the runway with dump trucks with plows mounted to the front and pulling a broom behind. It’s not very efficient. It worked for a long time, but companies have come out with a more efficient, faster piece of equipment," Relja said.

Other planned first-year projects are terminal escalator replacement, and air traffic control tower stair and elevator replacement.

TAIT will likely approve the capital improvements plan at its meeting next month, along with a five-year, $4.3 million plan for Jones Riverside Airport.