All About the Newly Announced Up With Trees 20-Year Master Plan

Dec 1, 2016

On this edition of ST, we welcome back to our show Steve Grantham, the executive director of Up With Trees, which is a popular nonprofit that's been active in Tulsa since 1976. As noted at the Up With Trees website: "In the last four decades, we have planted over 30,000 trees at more than 500 sites throughout Tulsa. We plant along streets and trails, and in parks, schools, fire stations, neighborhoods, and many other public properties." Grantham joins us to discuss the newly announced Up With Trees 20-Year Master Plan, which calls for the planting of some 300,000 trees in Tulsa. This would increase the City of Tulsa's "canopy coverage" to about 30 percent of its total area; that figure now stands at 26 percent. Grantham also tells us about how the city's 5.2 million trees benefit the local economy, the climate, and the overall quality of life in Tulsa in several different ways.