All This Jazz: "Live in London"

Aug 1, 2012

Whether we're talking about, say, the historic accumulation of medals by swimmer Michael Phelps or Rowan Atkinson's keyboard "playing" during the Opening Ceremony a few days ago, there have been --- at the current Olympic Games, of course --- scores of outstanding performances in London lately.

Therefore, in a tip of the hat to Mr. Phelps, Mr. Atkinson, and so many others, the next installment of All This Jazz will present a host of great performances from London Town . . . performances, in our case, in a jazz vein.

"Live in London" will be the second-hour theme on our program --- an all-killer, no-filler assemblage of in-concert or in-the-club performances recorded at various London venues over the years.

We'll hear from the fine yet somewhat under-recorded British pianist (and BBC Radio 3 jazz host) Julian Jospeph (live at the Vortex a few years ago), from the late-great drummer and bandleader Buddy Rich (live at Ronnie Scott's in the early 1970s), and from the legendary Dave Brubeck (leading his quartet in the late 1990s at the Royal Festival Hall), among several others.

Join us, if you please (on Saturday night, the 4th, at 10pm on 89.5 FM). As always, there's no cover and no minimum.