As Anticipated, TPS Adopts Policy Prohibiting Medical Marijuana on District Grounds

Mar 12, 2019

The Tulsa Public Schools Board made it official Monday: While medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma, it will not be allowed on district property or in school vehicles.

"The policy is not really a modification of existing practices. Instead, it provides clarification regarding the use of medical marijuana, specifically on our property," said TPS General Counsel Jana Burk.

The decision came down to protecting federal funding, and, therefore, the fed’s stance on marijuana.

"We are subject to federal law’s definition of what an illegal drug is. That means that we cannot have marijuana on our grounds, regardless of whether or not it is used for medical purposes," Burk said.

Under Oklahoma law, minors can get a patient license. They will still not be allowed to use or even possess medical marijuana on campus.

"The parent could administer the medical marijuana prior to the child coming to school, and in the event that the student needs it during the school day, the student could leave campus and be administered the drug by the parent at that time and at that location," Burk said.

The district’s updated policy also reminds campus police and bus drivers they are subject to federal regulations prohibiting marijuana use even off-campus with a state medical marijuana license.

Cannabidiol products with THC concentrations no more than 0.3 percent are allowed but are subject to restrictions.