An Arm and a Leg -- A New Podcast Focused on the Cost of Health Care

Nov 28, 2018

On this edition of ST Medical Monday, we speak with Dan Weissmann, a veteran radio reporter for outlets like Marketplace, 99 Percent Invisible, Planet Money, and Chicago's WBEZ. He joins us to talk about his new podcast, An Arm and a Leg, which focuses on the cost of health care in the U.S. Weissmann is the host and executive producer of this podcast, which just launched earlier this month. As noted at the Arm and a Leg website: "Health care -- and how much it costs -- is scary. But you're not alone with this stuff, and knowledge is power. We may be screwed, but we're together -- and together we may figure out how to get a little less-screwed. Also (this will sound weird, but stay with us) it's going to be fun." For more about this podcast, or to stream any of its episodes -- for free and on-demand -- please go here.