Artist Jave Yoshimoto Offers "Intractable Chasm" at Living Arts of Tulsa

Sep 18, 2019

Our program today explores the work of Jave Yoshimoto, a visual artist and educator born in Japan to Chinese parents who immigrated to California at a young age. A recent Tulsa Artist Fellowship alum as well as a recipient of a Joan Mitchell Foundation Painter's and Sculptor's grant, Yoshimoto now has a show at the Living Arts of Tulsa gallery, which he tells us about. This show, called "Intractable Chasm," contains wood reliefs, paintings, and an interactive exhibit made up of sculptural work, recordings, and generated instructions; it's on view through October 18th. Yoshimoto's work has been in solo exhibitions in New York, California, Illinois, Alabama, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and elsewhere.