Attorneys File, Judge Denies Lawsuit Seeking Masks and Other Coronavirus Measures at Trump Rally

Jun 16, 2020

Clark Brewster was one of the attorneys filing a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to force the operators of the BOK Center to implement federally recommended coronavirus safety guidelines.

A group of Tulsa attorneys filed a lawsuit Tuesday to force the use of coronavirus safety measures at the BOK Center during President Trump’s Saturday campaign rally, but a judge denied their requests for a temporary injunction and expedited hearing hours later.

Attorney Clark Brewster said filling a 19,000-seat arena with screaming fans of the president during a surge in new COVID-19 cases but not requiring them to wear masks has the makings of a super-spreader event.

"This is not a matter of if this might happen, it’s a matter of of certainty. This is going to spread this virus without a question if you rely on the world’s leading experts on this issue that’s been advising, actually, the administration, the Republican administration at the White House," Brewster said.

Brewster represented adult-film star Stormy Daniels in a lawsuit against Trump, but he and attorney Paul DeMuro said the lawsuit was not about the president.

"If Joe Biden, if the Thunder, if Garth Brooks was wanting to have a 19,000 person event in this center on Sunday without abiding by the government-mandated CDC guidelines with respect to mass events, we’d be making the same allegations and filing the same lawsuit," DeMuro said.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of two downtown nonprofits and two immunocompromised individuals.