"Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup"

Jan 29, 2020

On this edition of StudioTulsa, we meet investigative journalist John Carreyrou, a two-time Pulitzer winning reporter with the Wall Street Journal, who broke the story of the fraud perpetrated by the medical tech company Theranos and its young CEO Elizabeth Holmes. The company had purportedly created a device that would revolutionize blood testing, utilizing just a few drops of blood, but was found to be a sham. At its peak, Theranos had a market value of $10 billion and its flawed prototype was actually in market testing in California and Arizona before Carreyrou helped expose the fraud. Holmes and company president Sunny Balwani settled fraud charges with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and are under indictment for criminal charges in California federal court.

Carreyrou's reporting on the company became the basis of his book, "Bad Blood," which is now out in softcover. He'll be appearing in a Booksmart Tulsa event Saturday afternoon at 2pm at OU-Tulsa.