Beer Shortage is For Real

Sep 18, 2018


A nearly empty beer case at the Bixby Reasor's Store
Credit KWGS News


Oklahoma is seeing a shortage of beer as convenience and grocery stores move toward switching to stronger beer in October.

Stores are balancing the arrival of new beer products with the need to clear their shelves of 3.2 percent beer while meeting demand. Retailers are trying to sell as much of the 3.2 product they have on hand because distributors won't buy them back.

QuikTrip spokesman Mike Thornbrugh says the company anticipated a shortage after distributors informed them they wouldn't bring additional 3.2 percent beer starting Sept. 1.

Cox Food Saver store manager Richard Carter says the change has hurt the store's sales. He says he hopes the chance to sell wine and increase beer options will make up for the losses.