The Best of StudioTulsa in 2020

Jan 8, 2021

Throughout the week, we've been spotlighting some standout StudioTulsa interviews from last year. Here's what we've offered, along with links whereby you can freely access these "Best of 2020" StudioTulsa rebroadcasts.  On Monday the 4th, we spoke with Libbey Copeland about her well-researched book, "The Lost Family: How DNA Testing Is Upending Who We Are."  On Tuesday the 5th, our guest was Walter Johnson, the Winthrop Professor of History and Professor of African and African American Studies at Harvard University. He told us about his latest text, "The Broken Heart of America: St. Louis and the Violent History of the United States."  On Wednesday the 6th, we spoke with Robert Kolker, a bestselling author and journalist. He discussed with us his fascinating book, "Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family."  On Thursday the 7th, our guest was science journalist Zach St. George. He is also the author of "The Journeys of Trees: A Story about Forests, People, and the Future."  On Friday the 8th, our guest was NPR reporter Pam Fessler, who told us about her interesting new book, "Carville's Cure: Leprosy, Stigma, and the Fight for Justice."