Big Changes and Dramatic Improvements Planned for the Tulsa Zoo

Mar 9, 2012

Our guest today is Terrie Correll, the CEO of Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc. (or TZMI). It's been about a year since the Tulsa Zoo moved from being a city-owned facility to a public-private partnership, and earlier this week, the impending benefits of this move were made readily apparent by the announcement of the zoo's brand-new master plan. As Correll tells us, it's a 20-year master plan that was commissioned by TZMI --- and that describes what the zoo's exhibits, features, facilities, and events will look like in the years to come, as well as where these will be located. The St. Louis-based firm of PGAV Destinations was hired to assist in the creation and development of this plan, which has been put forth as a full-scale attempt to modernize the zoo as both a recreational destination and an educational facility --- and which will be paid for with private and public funds. As Correll explains, while this master plan comes into being over the next two decades, the Tulsa Zoo will build, incorporate, or else renovate the following five major attractions: The Lost Kingdom --- Tigers; The African Forest; The African Plains; Sheepy Hollow (which will be a re-designed children's zoo); and Wild Islands. More information on all of the above can be found at

Aired Friday, March 9th, 2012 on Public Radio 89.5-1