Blokes Who Can Blow: On the Next All This Jazz, a Celebration of BritJazz

Jul 27, 2012

London Summer Olympics.





It's on everyone's radar, and then some, obviously. Even if you're not much for the whole sports thing --- or as our mates over at the BBC would put it, sans plural, "the whole sport thing" --- it's incessantly inevitable at present.

And so . . . hearing and reading so much lately about Big Ben, David Cameron, and the fast-approaching Opening Ceremony in London's Olympic Stadium --- a gala to be directed by Danny Boyle, no less, of "Slumdog Millionaire" and "Trainspotting" fame --- got me thinking (earlier, in a roundabout way, as I was selecting music for tomorrow night's show) about many a great British jazz musician.

Enter, our theme for the second hour of All This Jazz on 7/28/12: British Jazz Players.

We'll hear from well-known old pros like George Shearing and John Dankworth and Ronnie Scott as well as outstanding 21st-century talents like Zoe Rahman and Portico Quartet and Stacey Kent.


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