The Blue Zones Project Will Soon Host a Series of Events in Our Community

Jun 26, 2018

The Blue Zones Project will present a series of events here in Tulsa this week, and so, on this edition of ST Medical Monday, we listen back to a Blue Zones-related interview from our archives. In 2016, we spoke with one Tony Buettner. Several years ago, Tony's brother Dan executed the original Blue Zones study, and then wrote a bestselling book about same. The Blue Zones study profiled a handful of communities around the globe -- from Sardinia, Italy, to Okinawa, Japan, to Loma Linda, California -- in order to examine why so many people in those certain communities are living vibrant, active lives well into their hundreds. This week's events will aim to show how the "Blue Zones philosophy" can help to improve the overall health, well-being, and prospects for individuals and organizations throughout Tulsa. You can learn more about these events here.