In "Boom," Actor and Playwright Rick Miller Explores the Baby Boomer Generation at the Tulsa PAC

Sep 18, 2014

On this installment of ST, we speak with the award-winning Canadian actor, playwright, and humorist Rick Miller, who will present his one-man show, "Boom," on Saturday the 20th at 7:30pm at the Tulsa PAC's Williams Theatre. As Miller tells us by phone, his 100-minute production offers a sweeping, fascinating, and maybe even educational exploration of the Baby Boomer generation -- from Che Guevara to Janis Joplin, from Buddy Holly to Nikita Khrushchev, and from Walter Cronkite to Martin Luther King, Jr. "Boom" is, moreover, a decidedly multimedia show, as Miller employs video, lighting, sound, photo and text projections, and other such stage effects to single-handedly present 100 or so politicians, activists, musicians, and news-makers from the years 1945 to 1970. (You can learn more about this show -- and view a three-minute clip promoting it -- at this link.)