Booms, Busts, Dreams, and Images in North Dakota: A Chat With Documentary Artist Valery Lyman

May 21, 2018

Our guest is the photographer and filmmaker Valery Lyman, who now has a striking show on view at Living Arts in downtown Tulsa called "Breaking Ground." This show, per the Living Arts website, aims to travel "through the American psyche and landscape. Documentary artist Valery Lyman has been photographing and recording audio in the Bakken region of North Dakota over the course of five years, documenting the rise of the oil industry there and the substantial migration that went along with it. She has amassed the most comprehensive visual-aural archive of this particular time and place in American history. 'Breaking Ground' is a series of site-specific installations in which these photographs are projected onto industrial remnants while multiple sound compositions emanate, creating a meditation on the cyclical nature of industrial booms and an opportunity to explore what is occurring in North Dakota now." This exhibit is actually part of a larger group show at Living Arts -- called "Land-Sc(r)aping: Development, Community, Affect" -- which will be on view through July 12th.