The budgetary specifics of Oklahoma's immediate future --- and the pending stimulus bill.

Tulsa, Oklahoma – When it comes to our state's budget, what's in store --- politically, economically, and otherwise? How greatly, or even how severely, will the current recession affect Oklahoma? And what will the soon-to-be-passed federal stimulus bill mean for Oklahoma's taxpayers? On today's program --- given that unemployment in the Sooner State is up a full percentage point over the last month, and given that state revenues are starting to decline --- we talk about financial realities for individuals and businesses and about budgetary options for local lawmakers and officials. Our guest on this edition of StudioTulsa is David Blatt, the director of policy at the Oklahoma Policy Institute. Blatt is a well-regarded analyst and statistician who's respected by liberals and conservatives alike, and as he tells us on today's show, our state is now beginning to feel the current recession rather acutely. (Editor's note: The Oklahoma Policy Institute works to advance policies aimed at alleviating poverty, promoting fiscal responsibility, and expanding economic opportunity. You can visit them online at