A Chat with Dr. Justin Feinstein, Director of the "Float Clinic" at LIBR

Aug 21, 2017

On this installment of ST Medical Monday, an interesting conversation with Dr. Justin Feinstein, who's a clinical neuropsychologist at Tulsa's Laureate Institute for Brain Research (or LIBR) as well as an assistant professor of psychology in TU's Oxley College of Health Sciences. Dr. Feinstein also directors the "Float Clinic" at LIBR, which studies how and why floating in a foot or so of water -- to which has been added more than a ton of Epsom Salt -- can aid those who suffer from acute stress, high-level anxiety, PTSD, and similar afflictions. As noted of this interesting research at the LIBR website, Dr. Feinstein "uses floatation to help patients disconnect from the outside world and reconnect to signals coming from the inside of their body. Waterproof and wireless physiological equipment [measures] blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, movement, and EEG. Functional neuroimaging [is] used to determine where these changes take place inside the brain."