"Chaucer's Tale: 1386 and the Road to Canterbury" (Encore Presentation)

Jul 7, 2015

On this edition of ST, we listen back to an interview from March with Paul Strohm, who has taught medieval literature at Columbia University, was the J. R. R. Tolkien Professor of English Language and Literature at Oxford University, and remains a noted scholar of the life and work of Geoffrey Chaucer. When he appeared on our show, Strohm spoke about his newest book, "Chaucer's Tale: 1386 and the Road to Canterbury." The year 1386, as Strohm explains, was probably the worst of Chaucer's life, but it's also when he began his best-known poem. You can learn more about this show -- and can listen to an on-demand, free mp3 "stream" of it -- here.