"Children of the New World: Stories" (Encore Presentation)

Jun 7, 2017

(Note: This program originally aired last year.) Is technology taking over and/or fundamentally changing and/or worsening our lives? It's a debatable question...or series of questions...but, for whatever it's worth, there ARE more and more books and novels and TV shows these days in which technological devices are taking over, changing, or even, yes, worsening our lives as human beings. On this edition of ST, we speak about such with Alexander Weinstein, the director of the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing; his short stories have been widely published, and have been nominated for Pushcart Prizes. Weinstein joins us to talk about his book, "Children of the New World: Stories." It's a gathering of short stories that one critic, in a starred review in Booklist, has called "mind-blowing.... In the vein of George Saunders, Rick Bass, and Alex Shakar, Weinstein writes with stirring particularity, unfailing sensitivity, and supercharged imagination, creating nuanced stories harboring a molten core of astutely satirical inquiries." You can access a free, on-demand audio-stream of our conversation with Mr. Weinstein here.