China Expert Dean Cheng, of The Heritage Foundation's Asian Studies Center, Speaks in Tulsa

Jun 19, 2015

On this edition of ST, an interesting chat with political analyst Dean Cheng, who works at The Heritage Foundation as a senior research fellow on Chinese political and security affairs. A widely respected political writer and commentator, Cheng has appeared on National Public Radio, CNN International, BBC World Service, and elsewhere, and he recently gave an address to the Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations. His talk concerned what he calls the "Three Nots" that now frame U.S.-China relations -- that is, "Asia is not Europe, China is not the Soviet Union, and this is not your father’s People's Liberation Army." Cheng stopped by our KWGS studios while he was in Tulsa to explain and elaborate on all three of these points. (You can learn more about his recent appearance in our community at the Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations website.)