Coming Soon: The Circle Cinema Film Festival and 90th Birthday Celebration

Jul 3, 2018

Our guest is Clark Wiens, the president and co-founder of the non-profit Circle Cinema (which is located near the corner of Lewis and Admiral). This much-loved Tulsa landmark -- at once historic, unique, and irreplacable; a cultural lifeline as well as a crucial part of the our city's artistic community -- will soon turn 90 years old. Therefore, as Clark tells us, this special venue will soon host -- from July 7th through the 15th -- the Circle Cinema Film Festival and 90th Birthday Celebration. This week-long series of events will include new features as well as classics and silent films, along with documentaries, special guests, filmmaker discussions, receptions, and more. (Please note that you can get a complete rundown of these events here.) Also on our show, commentator Barry Friedman chats with a few members of the H.O.W. Foundation, a local non-profit that was started more than 30 years ago to offer a no-cost, residential recovery program for men suffering from alcohol or drug addiction.