Community Betterment Through Bicycling: An Introduction to the Thriving Nonprofit Known as Tulsa Hub

Apr 16, 2018

Our guest on ST is Ren Barger, the founder and CEO of Tulsa Hub, which is, as noted at its website, "a syndicate of volunteers on a mission to change lives through cycling. It is the only nonprofit in Oklahoma providing certified bicycling-for-transportation education, refurbished bicycles, safety gear, and follow-up support to people in poverty, people with physical and mental disabilities, and people who are otherwise disenfranchised in our community. Tulsa Hub is the belief in human power made visible." This notable organization is now ten years old, and Barger joins us to talk about its origin, development, aims, and ongoing challenges. She also tells us about SpokeEasy 2018, Tulsa Hub's annual fundraiser, which will happen this coming Saturday night (the 14th).