Community Gardens: How they work, and why Tulsans may soon see more of them.

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Community gardens are catching on --- across the globe and throughout the US. And in Greater Tulsa, efforts to create community gardens seem more and more apparent. Such local efforts remain worthy and laudable, but unless the city's zoning codes are changed, community gardens within Tulsa's privately owned expanses won't actually be legal. (Why? Because there are currently no city ordinances in place to allow for such gardens.) On today's StudioTulsa, we hear thoughts on this matter from two very active, committed, and civic-minded Tulsans, Duane Cuthbertson and Corey Williams. Duane in an urban planner with INCOG; Corey is executive director of Sustainable Tulsa. Together, they tell Rich Fisher about an upcoming informal/informational meeting (happening at the Tulsa Garden Center on 1/14/2009) that will look at how all Tulsans can help to make community gardens more prevalent --- and legally possible. Also, today's show has commentaries by Barry Friedman and Ian Shoales.