Connected Kids: Building a Trauma-Responsive Community, One Child at a Time

Apr 24, 2019

On this edition of our show, we learn about the nonprofit known as Connected Kids, which, per its webiste, "believes that every child needs and deserves connection. It is essential to overcoming trauma and becoming courageous, purposeful, self-directed, and independent. And it is possible! With the right tools and support, we can build healing connections with children who have been through even the darkest of circumstances." This organization was founded by Rr. Barbara Sorrels, who is our guest today. She's a child development specialist, educator, and consultant who spent more than 20 years as a classroom teacher and then as a professor in the Early Childhood Education program at Oklahoma State University. Connected Kids, as we learn on our show, will offer an intensive "trauma-responsive practice for classroom teachers" in July of this year; you can learn more about that weeklong course, and enroll for it, here.