Considering the Current State of US-Russian Relations

Jun 26, 2012

On this edition of ST, we speak with Dr. Robert H. Donaldson, the Trustees Professor of Political Science here at the University of Tulsa; he's also a former President of TU. Dr. Donaldson is a leading expert on Russian and Soviet politics and policies; he joins us to discuss the contemporary state of US-Russian relations. Today --- given that a civil war continues in Syria, that Iran is still making efforts toward acquiring nuclear weapons, and that Russia is the lone land-bridge for NATO forces operating in Afghanistan --- it seems that US-Russian relations are as vitally important as they've ever been. There's also the ongoing drama --- whether it's real or imaginary, issues-driven or media-fabricated --- regarding the relationship between President Obama and President Putin. In addition to his scholarly work at TU, Dr. Donaldson is the director of the Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations, and late last month he gave an address to that collective entitled, "Putin's Return: What Does It Mean for Russia and for the US?" That's the key question, basically, for today's show. (You can learn more about Dr. Donaldson's academic efforts and accolades here.)