Contemporary Hybrid Artist Gina Adams on Her Broken Treaty Quilts Project

Nov 5, 2020

Our guest on ST is Gina Adams, a contemporary hybrid artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. She joins us to discuss her striking and ongoing series of Broken Treaty Quilts. A descendant of both Indigenous Peoples (the Ojibwe tribe) and colonial Americans, Adams re-purposes antique quilts in order to create art works documenting the various treaties broken by the United States with Native American tribes over the years. Some of these quilts are now on view at Gilcrease as part of that museum's fine "Weaving History into Art" show (which runs through March 28th, 2021). Also, Adams will give a free presentation about her colorful, powerful, and meticulous Broken Treaty Quilts tomorrow (Friday the 6th) at 1pm on the Zoom platform. (Registration is required; more info is posted here.)