A Conversation with Dr. Paul Polak, Co-Author of "The Business Solution to Poverty"

Apr 16, 2014

Efforts to end poverty around the world are many, various, and seemingly unending. Such efforts might also be, as they say, as old as the hills. ("You will always have the poor among you," as we read in the Book of Matthew.) But what about an especially business-savvy, marketing-driven approach to ending poverty? What if the needy were approached as customers --- and what if poverty-relief itself were approached as a bottom-line, profit-generating goal for investors and entrepreneurs across the board? Our guest on this installment of ST is Dr. Paul Polak, co-author of "The Business Solution to Poverty: Designing Products and Services for Three Billion New Customers." He'll be giving a free-to-the-public address tonight (Wednesday the 16th) at 7pm in the Lorton PAC on the TU campus. As noted in a write-up of this forthcoming lecture at the University of Tulsa's website, Dr. Polak will "will discuss ending global poverty through the design and marketing of products that would supply the affordable necessities to nearly 3 billion individuals who live on less than $2 per day while increasing profits for corporations, entrepreneurs, and investors." Dr. Polak explains, defends, and expands on his ideas during our show today.