A Conversation with Margot Livesey, the Celebrated Scottish-Born, Boston-Based Writer

Oct 16, 2019

Our guest on ST is Margot Livesey, the Scottish-born, Boston-based writer whose work has earned a Guggenheim Fellowship, a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, the PEN New England Award, and the Massachusetts Book Award. She tells us about two of her books, "The Hidden Machinery: Essays on Writing" and "Mercury: A Novel." Of the latter, the New York Times noted: "Livesey knows her way around human desire and disappointment. Like the recent blockbusters 'Gone Girl' and 'Fates and Furies,' 'Mercury' gives us a marriage from alternating perspectives. Unlike those books, there is no looming gimmick or twist. The parties involved agree on what has happened. The question is whether or not their love can survive it." Please note that Livesey will soon be in Tulsa to take part in the Nimrod Write Night 2019 (on Friday the 18th) as well as the day-long Nimrod Conference for Readers and Writers on the campus of TU (on Saturday the 19th).