A Conversation with Ricco Wright, Proprietor of the Black Wall Street Gallery

Nov 16, 2018

On this edition of StudioTulsa, we get to know Ricco Wright, who owns and operates the nonprofit Black Wall Street Gallery, a recently created art space on Greenwood Avenue. After Wright graduated from Union High School, he studied mathematics as a Bill Gates Scholar at Langston University. Thereafter he earned a doctorate in math at Columbia University, after which he lived and worked in New York City for a decade. As Wright tells us, his own passion for the arts -- visual, musical, verbal, and otherwise -- flourished considerably while he was based in NYC. He speaks with us about what's on view at the gallery now, as well as what he and his Black Wall Street Arts organization have planned for the immediate future. Also on our program, commentator Connie Cronley reports on the origin and development of the great American holiday known as Thanksgiving.