A Conversation with Tim Gilpin (D), Who's Running to Represent the 1st Congressional District of OK

Jul 22, 2018

On this edition of StudioTulsa, we continue our series of conversations with the major candidates running to fill the open seat in Oklahoma's 1st Congressional District. Yesterday we aired a discussion with Democratic candidate Amanda Douglas; today we chat with Tim Gilpin, also a Democrat. Mr. Gilpin, as noted at his website, "has practiced law in Oklahoma since 1986. Over his career, Tim has worked in both private practice and for the State of Oklahoma. He currently operates his own law practice where he focuses on workers' rights, fair employment, and consumer advocacy. Under appointment of Governor Brad Henry, and approval by the state Senate, Tim proudly served on the Oklahoma state Board of Education, where he supported education funding, promoted competitive education policy, and fought against education cuts. On the board, Tim famously stood up to the wrongheaded practices and hiring practices of Janet Baressi. He also served as an Oklahoma Assistant Attorney General at the state Capitol.... Tim Gilpin is running for Congress because there are serious problems facing America and the First District, and he is ready to be part of the solution."