Covering the Local-Food Movement in Green Country: A Chat with the Editor of "Edible Tulsa"

Nov 6, 2014

On this edition of ST, we speak with Valarie Carter, a classically trained chef, food writer, wine columnist, and catering/events coordinator. She's also the editor of "Edible Tulsa," which is a newly launched bimonthly print publication (accessible online at this link) that celebrates the local food culture of our community and its surrounding environs. The magazine's tag line -- "Eating. Drinking. Thinking. Local." -- pretty much says it all, and so we chat with Carter about the ever-growing local-food movement in and around Green Country, and about how her attractive new publication intends to cover this movement. Also on today's show, we offer another conversation that was recorded recently at the StoryCorps Mobile Booth in downtown Tulsa (at the Guthrie Green). In this entertaining little dialogue, Pamela Rose Scott Vickers interviews her beloved uncle, Frederick Douglass Davis, Sr., about a club that Davis used to own in Tulsa in the 1960s: The Showboat.